Christopher Redford currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT where he started his climbing and outdoor adventure skills. Since the age of seven, Christopher has been working on his mountaineering skills with his father. As a young man in Boy Scouts, he started building on the basic knowledge of learning knots, hiking and camping, all important skills of any Boy Scout.

Since 2009 Christopher has taken his basic skills that his father and Boy Scouts helped develop and started working on more technical skills. These back country skills have helped to expand his knowledge in relying on natural resources. Christopher has been able to refine his skills in the areas of hiking, camping, fire building, water purification, climbing and repelling as well as basic survival skills such as shelter building and obtaining food.

Most of his resent ascents since 2011 have been in Alaska and British Columbia. Where he has expanded his skills and knowledge in rock climbing, glacier work and self-arrest. In these remote areas the skills to stay warm and advanced wilderness first aid are important to know. Christopher has learned these skills through research, practice and climbing with more experienced climbers.

“Lots of the Mountains I have climbed don't have names because they are out in the middle of nowhere.”

The Smoky Mountains - Tennessee
Uinta Mountains- Utah
Timpanogos Mt. - Utah
Kings Peak - Utah
Mount Harding, Alaska
Face Mountain, Alaska
Denver Glacier, Alaska
Devils Punch Bowl, Alaska

I love climbing and want to continue. I would love to climb the 14 highest peaks.